Treatment Options

Options for Treating Toenail Fungus

How Do You Treat Toenail Fungus?

There are basically three main ways to treat toenail fungus:

1. Topical Anti-Fungal Ointments

Typically applied like nail polish, topical anti-fungal ointments are designed to kill fungal infections. While they’re useful at preventing the spread of existing fungal infections, they’re usually only about 10% effective at actually eliminating toenail fungus.

2. Oral Medications

Anti-fungal oral medications (terbinafine – Lamisil) are usually only about 40% effective at eliminating toenail fungus. Doctors are usually reluctant to prescribe them because they can be very hard on your liver.

3. Laser Treatments

Precision Laser™ Tattoo Removal offers toenail fungus laser treatments in Toronto. During a laser treatment, the laser is pointed directly at the fungus to heat (and sustain that heat) it to an appropriate temperature to kill it right at the time of treatment. Laser treatments with the PinPointe™ FootLaser™ are 72% effective after only one treatment. At Precision Laser™, we offer a series of three treatments, which gives you the best possible chance at success.

PinPointe™ FootLaser™

At Precision Laser™, we have staked our reputation on only offering the best possible technology for a given treatment. After researching various options, it was clear that the PinPointe™ FootLaser™ was hands down the most advanced laser for treating onychomycosis (toenail fungus). It emits a pulsed laser beam at precisely the right wavelength and speed to both heat the fungus to a temperature of 65°C, and also to keep it at that temperature long enough to kill the fungus.

For that reason, no oral medication is required in conjunction with laser treatments. For more details on the PinPointe™ laser, you can review this helpful online brochure. You may also view our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions about our toenail fungus treatments.

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