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Customer Satisfaction is Important to Us

Customer satisfaction is very important to Precision Laser™ Tattoo Removal in Toronto and London. We pride ourselves upon exceeding customer expectations with our friendly customer service and amazing results. Most clients can expect to see 100% removal of unwanted ink. If you’re in need of tattoo removal services, please take a moment to browse our submitted testimonials. We think our work speaks for itself. 

Should you wish to schedule an appointment at our clinic, please contact us today by phone or email at either one of our locations. 

Most Up-to-Date Removal System

“Removing tattoos for the first time can be overwhelming. There’s tons of misinformation online and not knowing where to start can be daunting. I ran around to a couple different places on my own but didn’t quite find the info I needed. My wife being the brains of the operation did the research for me and found Precision Laser had the most up to date system out there and without a doubt was my #1 choice. Went in for the consult, hit the technician with as many questions as I had and she had ever answer. I booked my first session right away and was thrilled. Great facility, amazing staff and experience.”

– Justin K.

Very Friendly and Professional

“I was tattooed by a artist I won’t name, and the results were awful. I had my eyebrows tattooed. I looked like I had 2 strips of permanent black marker. I was so sad every time I looked in the mirror. I never had one complaint on the tattooed eyebrows. It’s a awful feeling to have a tattoo on your face that you absolutely despise. So I was recommended to go to Precision Laser Tattoo removal in Wortley village, London Ontario. Am I ever glad I did! The staff are very friendly & professional. The clinic is very clean and welcoming. I’ve had 3 treatments so far and I really see results. I am very happy with the results so far. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to remove ugly tattoos. Also they offer a hydra facial there that I’ve heard people love and I’ll be trying that too. Thanks Precision Laser! Your the reason I will smile again when I’m looking in the mirror.”

– Janine D.

Thorough Answers to My Questions

“I researched a lot of tattoo removal places, including four in London and three in Toronto. I live in London and regardless of the distance, ultimately decided to choose Precision Laser™ in Toronto. The website was very informative and pretty well complete, including pricing, and the staff were very thorough and super-fast with responding to and answering all of my (many!) questions. Unfortunately, I did not have the same response from many other places I contacted. 

The facility claimed they had the highest quality laser (PicoSure™) that treated many different colours, which is important for the large, colourful tattoo that I have. This was definitely the case. I had my first treatment and have seen a dramatic fading of the blues and greens especially.

I have only had one treatment so far, and am very pleased with the results! I was worried about the healing process, as I did not want any infection, so I was very careful and sterile with changing dressings, etc. The only unfortunate part of the process was the large blisters that occurred after, but I was well informed that that would most likely happen, since the tattoo is on my lower leg and is therefore more prone to swelling with the gravity.

I highly recommend Precision Laser™ to have your tattoo removed!”

– Lis M.

A Great Experience with Friendly Staff

“Overall great experience with Precision Laser™ Tattoo Removal Toronto. They have friendly staff and a nice environment. It’s been six weeks since my first session on the PicoSure™ laser and everything has healed up nicely although some very slight pink skin is still present. I am getting portions of a full sleeve faded and removed, and the most significant fading from one session can be seen on the green. I found it to be more painful than anticipated. Beware of potentially huge blisters and swelling.”

– Chaim S.

Bye-Bye Sunflower, Thanks to PicoSure™

“After finally deciding to get my tattoo removed, I was researching what device was most effective and found that PicoSure™ is by far the best technology out there. After a few months of searching for a clinic in Toronto, I found that Precision Laser™ on Richmond and Church has got PicoSure™, apparently the first in Ontario. I booked a session and during the consult learned that they just got the PicoSure™ laser and they also have MedLite®, which is the other device I was thinking of doing the treatment with as it seems to be the most widely used laser.

I don’t have anything to compare the treatment to, but in just one treatment it seems like the tattoo is 50% faded. My tattoo is multiple colours with green, yellow, brown and black. I was expecting a lot less, especially the colours, but the reviews on RealSelf about PicoSure™ seem right on. The staff is very pleasant, and the facility is easy to get to and is very nice inside. I would highly recommend Precision Laser™, given my first treatment with PicoSure™. I will update again as I progress. Bye-bye, sunflower.” 

– Lora A.

Bright, Clean Clinic with Pleasant Staff

“The clinic is always bright and clean and the staff always pleasant and professional. I’m almost done with a series of treatments to remove a tattoo and am pleased with the results thus far. I have a small amount of green and purple left over, so I’m excited to try the new PicoSure™.

Once this is gone completely, I will upgrade to a 5-star review and move on to the next reminder of dumb teenaged me...” 

– Rebecca M.

I Only Trusted Precision Laser™ for My Skin

“I was treated 10 times by Christine for a tattoo on my neck. I will say that it is a painful spot to have treated...but it was SO worth it. My tattoo is totally gone. I can wear my hair back now and you would never guess anything was there.

The amount of treatments you need will really depend on the results you want. My tattoo was no longer noticeable after about seven treatments, but I decided to go to the point of clear skin, which I now have.

The clinic is clean, the staff is friendly and very knowledgeable and appointments always ran on time. We drove an hour from Waterloo for each treatment, as I only trusted Precision Laser™ for my skin. Remember, bad results are more permanent than a tattoo!” 

– Haley Z.

Tattoo Removed in Less Time than Expected

“Super nice, personable staff. Highly recommend the technician Anuish, who patiently took all the time I needed to explain the procedure and what I could expect. That laser KILLS tattoos, and my ridiculous mark of shame was completely removed in much less time than expected. Thanks, Precision Laser™ Tattoo Removal – excellent service. I can’t wait to get another tattoo to have you remove it a month later, lol.”

– Esther T.

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