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The History of Precision Laser™

Founded in 2010, Precision Laser’s roots were specializing in tattoo removal services. To ensure that was the case, we invested in the best technology available for removing tattoos, then continued to upgrade equipment as it became available. Combined with incredibly experienced, educated and professional staff, Precision Laser quickly became known in the industry and media as the experts in tattoo removal.

As clients grew to trust our abilities, they asked about our providing other services and we obliged. Leveraging the same philosophy as we applied to our tattoo removal services, we began offering other skin care options including laser photorejuvenation, acne scar treatments, birthmark and freckle removal, as well as toe nail fungus treatments.

Seeing the growing need in Southwestern Ontario, in August 2016 we added a new location in London, ON.

In 2017 we launched Precision Laser Skin Care to better reflect our commitment to addressing all skin care needs. One of the most exciting developments was the addition of our Hydra Facial service - this unique treatment simply cleans and rejuvenates the skin better than any traditional facial. It has proved to be immensely popular.

Giving Back to the Community

Precision Laser believes in giving back to the community by offering services to help those most in need of the services we offer - including tattoo removal for ex-cons, ex-gang members and victims of human trafficking. We also support those who have survived cancer by removing radiation tattoos free of charge.

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