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Talk to the experts at Precision Laser™. Having specialized in tattoo removal since 2010, we’ve performed more successful treatments than anywhere in the country. We’re also proud to have been the first clinic in Ontario to offer PicoSure™, the gold standard in laser tattoo removal.

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Getting a tattoo always seems right at the time, but people’s personalities, lifestyles and preferences always change. If you have a tattoo that no longer expresses who you are, Precision Laser™ Tattoo Removal is here to help. As tattoo removal experts in London and Toronto, and the first laser clinic in Ontario to offer PicoSure™ laser treatments, (the most advanced technology in laser tattoo removal), you can say goodbye with confidence to your unwanted tattoo – for good. With the PicoSure™ laser treatment you’ll require fewer treatments, experience less pain, avoid damage to surrounding skin and experience minimal-to-no downtime compared to traditional lasers.

We also offer the MedLite C6 laser, which is also capable of safely eradicating tattoos. Our free consultations will help you decide which will best suit your needs


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The PicoSure™ Difference

An Unparalleled Breakthrough in Technology

Precision Laser™ has conducted thousands of treatments using the PicoSure™ laser, making us your trusted tattoo removal experts in London and Toronto. And our patients couldn’t be more thrilled with the results

Here’s why we’re sure about PicoSure™:

  • More precise, targeted photomechanical action
  • Up to 50% fewer treatments required
  • Relatively painless
  • No downtime
  • No injury to surrounding tissue
  • Effective with all ink and skin colours
  • Shatters the tattoo particles into dust
  • Extremely low risk of skin damage, such as scarring

The Process


Free consultation

Your Skin type and tattoo (size, location, colour and detail) are assessed by a Certified Laser Technician to determine the cost, length and expected results of your treatment.


Before treatment

For the best results avoid sun exposure. Some patients prefer to pre-treat the area with a topical anaesthetic to avoid any discomfort during the laser treatment.


during treatment

The laser targets the ink pigment, allowing it to be safely cleaned away by the body.


after treatment

The affected area is treated with an ointment and bandaged for protection. For maximum results avoid sun exposure and keep the area clean and dry. Wait 6-8 weeks between treatments.

Free your Skin from Past Regrets: Get a Fresh Start

Tattoo removal was once considered a painful and complicated process. Fortunately, thanks to advanced technology, complete and effective tattoo removal is now attainable when performed by a certified professional.

At Precision Laser™, our expert technicians will make sure that you have a positive experience when you visit us for your treatments. With relatively no pain and minimal-to-no scars, you can say goodbye to the past and look forward to your ink-free future! To learn more, or to book your free consultation, call us today.



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